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Premier Makuza Urges ex-FAR on Reconciliation
Kigali, November 07(RNA)
The prime minister Rt Hon. Bernard Makuza has urged former Rwandese armed forces(ex-FAR) to desist from banditry behaviours and instead struggle for Unity and reconciliation of all Rwandans.
"It is time now for you to desist from divisive politics and banditry activities and instead work hard for Unity and reconciliation for all Rwandans," Makuza said.
He added that they should be ambassadors of peace and Unity in their respective sectors of residence within the community.
The prime minister said this at a ceremony to pass 110 former Rwandese armed forces(ex-FAR) who have completed a two months solidarity camp before they are reintegrated into the community.
According to the Chairman of the National Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission Jean Sayinzoga, this is the third phase of the ex-FAR to finish a solidarity camp at Mutobo in Ruhengeri province and to be reintegrated into community.
"This is the third phase of the former Rwandese armed forces to be reintegrated into civilian life. Already 2,000 people have been passed and are living well with others," Sayinzoga said.
He said that 285 other Ex-FAR some of whom were members of the rebel Front Democratique pour la Liberation Rwandaise (FDLR)/ Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda based in the Democratic Republic
of Congo are still undergoing the same sensitisation exercise.
Eight of these are the recently repatriated forces from the DRC in accordance with the Pretoria agreement.
"Each of the Ex-FAR is given Frw 50,000 as a package to help them get initiated and reintegrated into the community with little economic difficulty," Sayinzoga noted.
Present was also the president of the Supreme court Simeon Rwagasore, and other senior government dignitaries

FDLR : the end of the - short - road ?
The Rwandan army said Friday it had eight Hutu rebels in custody not the 20 rebel leaders Congolese and rebel officials claimed were handed over.
Three of the eight Hutu rebels expelled from Congo were higher-ranking political officers, like the public relations chief, said Maj. Jill Rutaremara, a Rwandan army spokesman.

FDLR leaders in Kigali