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Kigali, Rwanda

The Rwandan Prime Minister will soon be replaced by a Rwandan exile and
Belgian citizen living in Belgium.
The Rwandan government has appointed Bernardin Ndashimye as Advisor in
the Prime Minister's Office. According to political sources, he is expected to
replace Bernard Makuza as Prime Minister.
The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) that has ruled Rwanda with an iron fist
since July 1994 is unhappy with Makuza. An RPF official who has asked to
stay anonymous says, "Makuza is a very quiet man who shows up at his office
regularly, who does not bother anybody, who does not open his mouth, and
who ultimately does nothing. No one knows whether he exists except when
Radio Rwanda says so".
The same source says Rwandan President General Paul Kagame will soon run
for the presidency to please foreign aid donors. He needs a Prime Minister
who can mobilize Hutu, has roots in Gitarama, and is well connected to former
Hutu politicians who lead the social revolution of 1959.
Ndashimye hails from Nyamabuye, Gitarama, the birth of the social revolution
of 1959. Until early April 1994 he was one of the leaders of Inkuba or
Thunders, a youth movement of the Democratic Republican Movement
(MDR). He left Rwanda in early April 1994 and fled to Belgium where he
pursued a law degree. After graduation and obtaining Belgian citizenship, he
joined the Belgian civil service.
While in Belgium he tried to collaborate with former Prime Minister Faustin
Twagiramungu and also to maintain contacts with RPF through Aloysia
Inyumba, a close aide to Kagame. Some Rwandan exiles have accused him of
spying on them on behalf of the RPF.
Ndashimye is a great speaker who can energize audiences. As the leader of
Inkuba, he presided over many events known as kubohoza or liberating.
During such events Inkuba forced out of office or converted by force former
National Revolutionary Movement for Development (MRND) supporters. In
the process Inkuba damaged or stole properties, and allegedly committed
The RPF has also appointed Amandin Rugira as chief of staff in the Prime
Minister's Office. Officially Rugira belongs to MDR but informed sources told
AfroAmerica Network that he joined the RPF in a secret ceremony some time
ago. A person who joins this organization swears to uphold the rules and
practices of the RPF. A violation of these rules and practices carries the death
AfroAmerica Network, March, 2001.
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