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Brussels: ARENA, Imbaga and FDLR alliance to hold their first press conference.
By AfroAmerica Network.
Brussels, Belgium,  April 2, 2002.
One week after the Alliance pour la  Renaissance de la Nation (ARENA) , Nation-
Imbaga yInyabutatu Nyarwanda and Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) 
have created a coalition and decided to put their forces together to overthrow the
Kagames regime,  the coalition will hold its first press conference.
The press conference, to be held in Brussels, Belgium on Friday April 05, 2002 at the
Residence Palace, Centre de Presse International, was announced by Deogratias
Mushyayidi, the Spokesperson for the coalition.  The creation of the coalition was first
announced by AfroAmerica Network in its March 28, 2002 Edition.
Deogratias Mushyayidi, a Rwandan ethnic Tutsi, is a reputed journalist and former RPF
high-ranking official.  He lived in Switzerland in 1980s before going back to Rwanda
with the RPF victory in 1994. He was later forced to exile when he started denouncing
corruption and failure of the RPF regime. He later joined the Nation- Imbaga
yInyabutatu Nyarwanda. Recently he  was  along with the Cameroonian journalist
Charles Onana, accused by the Rwandan  President General Paul Kagame of co-writing
a book that shows the responsibility of Kagame in the assassination of  former
Rwandan and Burundian Presidents Juvenal Habyalimana and Ntaryamira and in the
planning of the Rwandan  genocide.  The trial is scheduled to open in France on
April 8, 2001.
This coalition was created three months after Valens Kajeguhakwa vowed to ally
himself with the FDLR to initiate such an alliance to overthrow Kagame and two months
after a top secret visit to Kinshasa where he met the FDLR leaders from Africa, Europe
and America.
The objectives of the coalition are, according to the sources:  overthrow of Kagames
dictatorial regime, reconciliation among Rwandan ethnic groups, rehabilitation of the
Rwandan nation in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and in the World, responsible
economic management based on regional and international cooperation, fight against
terrorism, and a democracy where all ethnic groups will be adequately represented, and
truth about the current Rwandan tragedy which started on October 1, 1990. 
Political analysts who have been following the interaction among the three parties told
AfroAmerica Network that the coalition, which include Hutus and Tutsis,  will certainly
enjoy  the support of the African and Western governments, the United Nations, and
Human Rights organizations.  ARENA and Imbaga yInyabutatu are mostly composed
of Tutsis while the FDLR are mostly composed of Hutus and has a military branch
including Hutus and Tutsis . In July 2001, the FDLR wrote to General Paul Kagame to
request an inter-Rwandan dialogue and open negotiations to resolve the Rwandan
tragedy. Kagame has so far rejected any call from the opposition to come to the
negotiation table.
According to sources within the coalition, Joseph Sebarenzi Kabuye, also an ethnic
Tutsi  and Coordinator of ARENA will be the President. Joseph Sebarenzi Kabuye was
also member of RPF and Speaker of the Parliament, before narrowly escaping
assassination attempts by RPF military intelligence services and fleeing to USA.
©AfroAmerica Network
April  2002.