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Rwanda Rugali
Summary of 2002 stories


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30+ stories on FDLR/Igihango and its partners, this could be an
indication of who is behind this so called and mysterious "Afroamerica Network"
DRC: Pretoria Accord Consecrates DRC partition.   December 20, 2002
DRC: Executif and Legislatif issus de Pretoria Accord.   December 19, 2002
DRC: FDLR accuse MONUC, DRC, South Africa of crimes against humanity.   December 14, 2002
Amsterdam: FDLR reshufle leadership and reorganize.   December 14, 2002
Rwanda: Former Rwandan Minister accuses South African Mbeki.   December 9, 2002
Rwanda: Anastase Gasana to be recalled; MDR infighting continues.   December 6, 2002
DRC: Kabila blocks Pretoria Peace Accord.   December 4, 2002
Rwanda: Ruhamanya denies meeting Ayabagabo; condemns Nyagasaza's arrest.   Nov 27, 2002
Rwanda: Twagiramungu to stand for elections to Presidency   Nov 26, 2002
Rwanda: Kagame-Onana: Kagame pleads no contest.   Nov 26, 2002
Beni: Pretoria Peace Accord in Tatters.   Nov 25, 2002
Ankoro: After FDLR, the Mayi-Mayi; Kabila targets former allies.   Nov 22, 2002
Kigali: Ayabagabo, Unity Conference participant killed; USAID tested.    Nov 19, 2002
Kigali: Gen. Habyalimana, the main casualty of Kagame's reshuffle.    Nov 17, 2002
Kigali: Nyagasaza, Unity conference participant, imprisoned; MDR threatened.    Nov 14, 2002
Kinshasa: Katumba Mwanke, from heir apparent to depraved.    Nov 11, 2002
Ankoro: Mayi-Mayi, civilians fight Congolese Army to free FDLR soldiers.    Nov 10, 2002
Kigali: FDLR leaders and Reconciliation Conference participants imprisoned.    Nov 9, 2002 
Brussels: General Kayizari, Rwandan Defense Official fights in a bar.    Nov 9, 2002
Kinshasa: Kabila escapes assassination attempt;Mwanke sanctionned.    Nov 4, 2002
Kamina: Colonel Ndanda executed by Jean Claude; Kabila tried to eliminate Bemba.    Nov 2, 2002 
Kamina: South Africa may have participated in fightings.   Nov 1, 2002 
DRC: Kabila's troops surround FDLR troops in Kamina.   Oct 31, 2002
DRC: Kabila's Government and MONUC kidnap FDLR members.   Oct 30, 2002
Butare: Unity and Reconciliation Conference shunned by Rwandan opposition.   Oct 26, 2002
USA: "UN report a trash of lies; war in DRC to go on," says Kagame   Oct 23, 2002
USA: UN links RPF to criminal organizations; Kabarebe, RPA banned and sanctionned.   Oct 21, 2002
Uvira: Mayi-Mayi, Banyamurenge accuse Kabila's ministers and army of betrayal.   Oct 19, 2002
Butare: Kagame prepares for war; isolates Hutu officers.   Oct 19, 2002
Butare: Rwandan troops from DRC heading to Bujumbura.   Oct 15, 2002
Bukavu: Mayi-Mayi attack Bukavu, eye on Goma.   Oct 14, 2002
Kamina: MONUC repatriates 136 FDLR combattants; 2 shot trying to flee.   Oct 13, 2002
Bukavu:General Padiri shuns Kabila's invitation and accuses Kanape of treason.   Oct 12, 2002
Bukavu:Uvira and Bukavu surounded; RCD leaders flee to Rwanda.   Oct 11, 2002
Kamina: How MONUC got FDLR fighters abducted; Igihango suspends cooperation.   Oct 11, 2002
Kamina: FDLR suspend cooperation with MONUC after fighters abducted in Kigali.   Oct 10, 2002
Kigali: FDLR fighters find relatives decimated; to return to Kamina   October 7, 2002
DRC: Mwenze Kongolo in Kabila's sights   October 5, 2002
DRC: RPA troops pulling out; RCD troops looting and following  September 30, 2002
Uvira: "Dozens RPA troops killed by Hutu rebels," said Gen Kabarebe  September 30, 2002
DRC: Colonel Renzaho arrested; transferred to Arusha  September 29, 2002
Rwanda: Mbaraga Recruits for Unity and Reconciliation Conference   September 28, 2002
DRC: "FDLR leaders not on ICTR list" says Adama Dieng   September 28, 2002
DRC: "FDLR leaders not on ICTR, Rwandan, USA lists" says Vital Kamerhe   September 27, 2002
Bonn: FDLR: "Rwandan Ambassador to the UN was Interhamwe leader"   September 27, 2002
DRC: FDLR leadership to relocate to a third country   September 26, 2002
DRC: "Mission accomplished, FDLR troops out of the DRC," Kamerhe says   September 24, 2002
Rwanda: " 156,000 RPA troops in DRC," Gen. Kabarebe tells ULK students   September 18, 2002
Rwanda:Kagame promises Basabose former President Bizimungu's property   September 18, 2002
Rwanda: Paul Mbaraga expected in Kigali this week  September 15, 2002
Belgium: Igihango presents peace plan; FDLR troops ready to fight Kagame   September 15, 2002
Delaware: Carla Del Ponte writes to OPJDR: ICTR pursuing Kagame   September 15, 2002
Germany: Akagera-Rhein writes to Bush to support FDLR and DRC   September 15, 2002
Tanzania: Tanzanian Government and UNHCR to expel Rwandan Refugees  March 01, 2002
USA: FDLR explain the agreement with Kajeguhakwa to diaspora  February 23, 2002
USA: Rwandans welcome accords between Kajeguhakwa and FDLR  February 17, 2002
Kinshasa: RPF Dissident Kajeguhakwa visits FDLR; Accords signed  February 10, 2002
USA: Jeannette Kagame, Muligande to visit USA; Ambassador reshuffle  February 9, 2002
USA: Rwandan Government Officials lobby the USA Administration;  February 5, 2002
Maniema: Mayi-Mayi capture Kindu Airport from Rwandan Troops   February 1, 2002
Paris: Rwandan Government negotiates with FDLR: Stalemate   January 20, 2002
Rwanda: RPF launches waves of attacks on opposition figures   January 9, 2002
Zambia: RPA death squads planning assassination of Refugees   January 5, 2002