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"No party systems": one front, one movement!

Ugandan National Resistance Movement and

Rwandese Patriotic Front: Parent and child or twin brothers?

 Ugandan, Rwandan ruling parties issue communique after talks
in Kigali

    The national political commissar, Dr Crispus Kiyonga, has signed a
memorandum of understanding with the secretary-general of Rwanda
Patriotic Front, RPF, Dr Charles Muligande. While in Kigali DR Crispus Kiyonga and
his delegation, which included the director of foreign relations at the
ruling Movement secretariat, Kirunda Kivenjija held a meeting with the RPF
delegation which was led by the secretary-general of RPF, Dr Charles Muligande. At
the end of the meeting, a communique was issued which read as follows:

    At the invitation of the secretary-general of the Rwandese Patriotic
Front, RPF, Dr Charles Muligande, a delegation from the secretariat of Uganda
Movement political system, the Movement, led by the national political commissar,
Dr Crispus Kiyonga, paid a two-day working visit to Rwanda on 30 and 31
August this year. The list of the two delegations is attached. 

    During their stay in Rwanda, the Movement delegation held with the
RPF fruitful discussions on a number of issues affecting bilateral relations
as well as word indistinct relations between Uganda and Rwanda.

    On the relationship between the Movement and Rwandese Patriotic
Front, the two delegations reaffirmed the importance of its historical relations
between the sister political organizations and the central role that they must
play in the promotion and strengthening of the relations between the two

    The two delegations deplored the deterioration of the relationship
between the two countries following the unfortunate events of Kisangani town in
eastern DRCongo and the impact that this has had on the relationship and
cooperation between the two sister political organizations and the countries.

    The two liberation movements also noted the unresolved issues
between the two countries and the fresh allegations that has arisen that need to be
resolved conclusively and answers provided so as to close that unprofitable
experience in our history.

    The two delegations decided to set up a framework under which to
operate in order to lay a foundation for strong and long-term working relationship.
In this regard, they resolved to hold regular meetings at least once in three months
as a way of promoting closer cooperation.

    The two delegations recommended that the governments of the two
countries should reactivate and strengthen some of the working structures and
channels of cooperation as contained in the Permanent Joint Commission.

    The Movement delegation was received by HE the president of the
Republic of Rwanda and the chairman of the RPF, Paul Kagame.
    Dr Crispus Kiyonga expressed appreciation for the warm hospitality
accorded to him and his delegation by the Rwandese Patriotic Front during his
stay in Rwanda.

    Dr Crispus Kiyonga exchanged an invitation to his counterpart to pay
a word indistinct working visit to Uganda and the invitation was gladly
    While in Kigali, Dr Crispus Kiyonga also met the chairman of the RPF
Paul Kagame and had fruitful discussions.

SOURCE: Radio Uganda, Kampala, in English 0400 gmt 1 Sep 02
Copyright 2002 British Broadcasting Corporation  
                       BBC Monitoring Africa - Political
                      Supplied by BBC Worldwide Monitoring

                           September 1, 2002, Sunday

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